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Moving Advice from a Professional Mover

Moving Advice from a Professional MoverIn the last ten years John, one of our most frequent customers, moved more than twenty times and has become somewhat of a self-proclaimed professional on the topic of moving. John told us that when someone moves it takes a lot of strategic planning and plenty of organizational skills to be able to ensure that a move, especially a long distance one, goes smoothly. To help you as you make your next move, we compiled some of the advice that John shared with us to help make moving a bit easier and less stressful.

  • Plan your move well in advance. If you need to move coast to coast you’ll want to take the time to carefully pack everything you need for the move. You also want to make sure that everything for the new home is in place before you leave the old home. Careful planning ahead of time can help your move go very smooth.
  • Figure out how you are going to move. Obviously if you have a small economy car you won’t be able to pack your entire home into the car. You’ll need to hire a moving company rent a truck to move your household goods. You’ll also need to hire a professional automobile transport company to relocate your car for you. If you have a classic car or a very expensive car you will want to make arrangements to have your car moved in an enclosed carrier top ensure that it will be safe during the shipment.
  • Don’t toss your belongings into bags! When you’re packing be sure to use sturdy boxes to pack your personal items in. You also need to make sure you pack things that are important to you. Paperwork such as birth certificates, automobile registrations and titles and other legal documents should be carefully packed where you can easily locate them once you reach your new home.
  • Most importantly do not let the stress of moving take over your life. Moving to a new state can be a time of stress but when you carefully plan everything in advance your move will go with ease.

Be sure to contact a quality automobile transport company to move your car for you. If you have a high value car make sure the company provides quality enclosed shipping.


Image courtesy: freedigitalphotos.net / Stuart Miles

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