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The Good and Bad of Automobile Transport

Good and Bad of Automobile TransportShipping a car can be an anxious time for many. You’ll be separated and miles away from the location of your car for days, and often weeks at a time. Although you may feel a bit of separation stress when you cannot see your car, there really is nothing excessive to worry about when shipping long distance. We have put together some of the bad as well as the positive aspects of shipping a car with a transport company.

Potential Bad:

Quite frankly the worry of something bad happening to your car when being transported is not worth the worry at all. Yes, during any form of transportation, including driving the car on your own, there is always a risk of automobile damage from flying debris, weather or accidents on the road. You can lower the risk of damages occurring by making sure your car is thoroughly cleaned inside and out and that everything on the exterior is secured and nothing is loose. The best way to make sure your automobile is fully protected when being transported is to make sure you use an enclosed transport truck when moving your car. This is especially true for classic and antique cars. Enclosed carriers provide extensive safety for transporting cars. Also, make sure you take pictures or videos right before the car is loaded so you will have proof of the car condition in the event that something is damaged when it is delivered to you. Damage seldom ever happens during transport but it is always best to take pictures just in case something needs verified at a later date.

The Good Things in Life:

If you were to drive your car from one state to another it would add up mileage that would bring the value of the car down. Using a transport company will save you the mileage thus keeping your car value intact. Driving a car cross country will also add expenses such as gasoline, hotels and dining out that can be very costly. Also by hiring an automobile transport company you will lower the overall maintenance on your car and reduce the chance for damage or personal injury that can be caused by fatigued driving.


When you need to move your car the safest way to do so is to hire the services of a professional automobile transport company.

Image courtesy: freedigitalphotos.net / Stuart Miles

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